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Why Choose a Centaur Event?

You ask for it – we deliver!

Centaur Outdoor Events is a company that has been designing, building and delivering a diverse range of fun and challenging outdoor fitness events, in some amazing locations, since 2010.

Our mission is to listen to you, our loyal participants, and how you have imagined you would like to be challenged and entertained, and then recreate your vision and bring it to life, but even better than you could EVER have imagined! Since our first highly successful Twin Peaks Challenge, which supports Ronald McDonald House Charity annually, we have gone on to create the muddy awesome Suck it up Buttercup Mud Obstacle Race, the challenging Bush’n Bay Adventure Race Series, the unique Mini Muddies School Obstacle Challenge, and our latest success story, the Grapest 5K Run – you ask for it, and we deliver it to you!

Centaur Outdoor Events are special. Every mud pit and dam, every rope climb and hill, every bike leg, paddle past and meandering wine waddle – it all ends with something sweet - it’s all about the memories.

Our Vision

We believe that through fitness events, we can bring everyday people together so they can realise their full potential and live their lives through fun.

We strive to bring people together from all 'walks of life', to empower, motivate , excite and unite; to push everyday people out of their comfort zones, and deliver an amazing experience away from the 'daily grind', creating memories that will last a lifetime.

The rush from physical challenges extends you both physically and mentally, and leaves you feeling exhilarated, liberated, and ready to do take on new challenges in all areas of your life.

Use your entire body to push through boundaries, climb over and under obstacles, wade through water and mud, tackle tough terrain and really let go of all inhibitions, while you’re having a laugh at yourself (and others), and living life as it was intended – with sheer delight!

So join Centaur Outdoor events for the experience of a lifetime… and keep watching for the exciting new challenges we have in store for you!

Local Support and Respect

Centaur Outdoor Events actively supports the communities in which its events are delivered, being mindful of your community’s hopes and wishes, respectful of your property, peace, and right to privacy, and make every effort to leave your town exactly the way we found it, albeit happier for the experience. We actively research what’s going on in your area so that we don’t clash with your other favourite events, and we hope to leave you with a positive impression so that you might invite us back again!

Why Choose a Centaur Event?

Helping a charity that survives only on fundraising

To date we have raised an amazing $190,636.75 for Ronald McDonald House®. On top of this, we have also raised $10,000+ for Motor Neurone Disease.

Ronald McDonald House® does not receive government funding, and therefore relies completely upon the generosity and commitment from the community to keep its doors open to families who are in need. Your involvement and support in our events will help to make a real difference!

As you probably know yourself, when you are ill, having those who love you by your side, a shoulder to cry on, or a kiss goodnight when you’re stuck in hospital can make all the difference. The House is an ideal place for families to be together, offering the comforts of home during one of the most critical times in their lives.

All of our events have been able to support Ronald McDonald Houses throughout Australia since 2010 through all of the car parking money collected and fundraising at specific events.

Every Event Makes a Difference

Helping the local communities we participate in

We are all responsible in helping clean up our planet and in doing so, we make sure all of our events are sensitive to the products we use, so that they can be recycled or reused. We have a "Leave No Trace" policy that ensures we leave each vineyard/location the way we found it. All of our water bottles used by participants & staff are recycled through the Return and Earn NSW scheme, or its equivalent in other states.  In addition, we are mindful of the carbon footprint of each event, so as an alternative we organise buses to and from the event so you can make it a complete experience.

Our return and earn initiative is simple: we collect all the empty water bottles provided at each event, and gift them to a local school or community group, for them to return & earn, knowing this money will go towards purchasing products of benefit to the school or community group.

If you are a member of a local school or community group and would like to know more about receiving the bottles from one of our events, please submit a contact form and let us know!

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