WHEN:      Saturday, 2nd June 2018
WHERE:  Bago Vineyards, Milligans Road, Wauchope NSW
START:  By Race Wave
DISTANCE:  8km Adult Waves or 6km Clan Wave (Family Wave)

Race Waves

9:00am & 9:15am - More waves will be opened when these are sold out! First in, best dressed!
12:00pm The Clan Wave
(Family Wave)


Adult   Clan Wave (6km Course) 
(Family Wave)
Additional Child  
(A family ticket must already be purchased)  
Early Bird $68.50 $185 $39
Standard $85 $220 $49
Last Minute $100 $275 $59
On The Day $120 N/A N/A

Registrations Open!

Please note: The above prices exclude online processing fees. Prices are valid until the set number of tickets at that price sell out. The best way to ensure that you get the best price available is to register as soon as possible. You won't want to miss this! Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

All prices include Public Liability Insurance.
We recommend that you have your own personal accident insurance. 

What to Wear?

Choosing what to wear is more important that just picking a team colour. You're going to get wet and muddy. What you wear will have a major effect on your performance and enjoyment.

• Bring Fun into Your Run—Wear a Costume and get right into the viking theme!
• Compression wear/Skins are a good choice; lightweight and won't hold much water.
• Expect your clothes to get damaged, so don't wear anything you care about.
• Choose durable gear that won't fall apart during the race.
• Go for a nylon fabric so mud slides off.
• Wear a t-shirt, not a singlet – a t-shirt will help absorb sweat and water/mud, and protect you from chaffing.
• As for your feet, start with a good, low sock – consider a good running sock that may help prevent blisters – DON’T WEAR COTTON! And make sure you tuck your socks into your running tights.
• Wear good running shoes and make sure you double knot the laces. It's easy for running shoes to slip off in the mud, so tie them tight!
• No thongs, spikes or bare feet allowed on course!
• Consider wearing fingerless gloves – you’ll be doing a lot of climbing and crawling through stuff – you’d be amazed at how handy they are!

Now that you're all geared up, get out and train in your gear. Test it out in wet conditions so you know how it will feel. Swap out any gear that causes chaffing when you train! Wearing the right gear will make a major difference to your day! For answers to more frequently asked questions...

How to Prepare?

Have you been dreaming of running through a finish line caked in mud from head to toe? Well, you’re not alone. Like, who wouldn’t want to post photos of themselves on Facebook or Instagram crawling through mud, climbing up cargo nets, dragging tyres around, or the look of sheer horror as you hurl your body into an ice bath? Like come on!

You’re probably conjuring up visions of sprinting at full speed over kilometres of mud pits and hills, and climbing over grand-canyon height walls, but the truth be told, many participants walk the majority of the course. And there’s no shame in that, or in going around the scary ones, but you’ll feel so much better if you’ve made some effort to prepare for the event, and had a really good go at it!

Now, we’re not saying you need to start triathlon-style training, or even knock yourself out with tough training regimes that leave you feeling defeated before you even begin… our race will suit the novice to the professional obstacle racer, and every fitness level in between, but here are a few tips that will help to ensure that your day is an enjoyable and rewarding one:

• If you’ve already tried an obstacle race and you’re in good shape, you need 4 solid weeks of training.
• If you’ve never run a race, we would recommend that you consider training for 90 days.
• A beginner should train 3 days a week.
• Train using a combination of endurance, strength, and cardio conditioning training.
• Train to your own abilities… whether a novice, in reasonable shape, or an elite athlete – train to your ability.
• Warm up before every workout.
• Run off-road if you get the chance – obstacle races are not run on the road… run through parks, up hills or on the grass next to the footpath… challenge yourself to stay off hard surfaces as much as you can.

An obstacle race is going to call on you to climb monkey bars, timber walls, climb up ropes, balance on beams,drag stuff around, crawl under things, and wade through water and mud. So if you are planning on having a good go at completing all or most of the obstacles, you’ll need to train to lift yourself up and over and have some kind of agility. Chances are the novice will be able to find all of the training equipment they need at their local playground or Council fitness circuit.

The Race

With a NEW 8km course for 2018 featuring 50+ challenging obstacles, mud pits and action stations to push you to your limits, set amidst a eucalypt forest at Bago Vineyard, which opens out to rolling hills and acres of grape vines, both the location and course will literally take your breath away and push you to your limits!
You will wriggle, climb, crawl, get wet and run over, and of course muddy, amongst some of the best challenges you’ve tackles, including some ALL NEW obstacles (Viking themed of course!!). WARNING!! The dam crossing is back!

First starting wave will be 9:00am sharp. There will be a strict number of participants per wave to maintain consistent breathing space between the packs. There will be a separate Clan Wave
(family wave) at 12pm...

Entry includes:

- 1 x Finishers Medal

- Wristband/Race Bib
- 2 x Water Stations
- First Aid Personnel 
- Unlimited laps of the course, if you can handle it!
- DJ
- Separate male and female change tents
- Outdoor wash off area
- More obstacles than you can handle!
- A Top day out 



Below are some of the most common questions we have been asked, and will assist you to fully understand the event, its requirements and location.
This page will be updated as other questions come through which we may not have considered.
If you still have a question which has not been clarified here, please visit the Suck it up Buttercup 'CONTACT US' Page, and we will be endeavour to provide you with an answer within 24 hours.

What can I expect?
If you think mud, hills, rough and rocky terrain, dirty waters, things to climb, things to squeeze through, things to crawl under, and other things to slide down and… oh, did we mention mud? You’ll be laughing a lot and having a blast of a time!

Do I have to sign a waiver?
All participants must read and sign the Waiver form online (when registering for the event on "Active Network") and bring it with them on the day of the event – NO WAIVER, NO RACE, NO EXCEPTIONS!
There will also be blank waivers available on the day.

Can I get a refund if I decide I don't want to do it, or I can't make it?
Please make sure prior to registering that you can totally commit to participating!
There will be NO refunds, but we can transfer you to another event on a future date.  
By registering for this event you accept that the organisers reserve the right to cancel or postpone (if possible) the event at their discretion due to, but not limited to, adverse weather conditions, terrorism, acts of God, insufficient participants, safety issues or any other reason the organisers deem reasonable. If the event needs to be rescheduled, registrations will be honoured for the next event.

Do I need to be fit for this event?

A good level of basic fitness will help. If you can walk at least 8km, climb over and under some obstacles, this will get you around the course. You won't be penalised if you skip an obstacle! You’re here to have a muddy awesome experience – do it at your own pace!

What should I wear?

Enclosed shoes MUST be worn at all times – running shoes are ideal – spikes and bare feet are NOT PERMITTED.
this years event is a VIKING theme, we encourage you to dress up for battle!
As you will be going through a lot of mud, we recommend that you wear somewhat ‘disposable’ shoes and clothing, as they are going to get trashed!

Is the course marked?
Yes, each obstacle is named, and your friendly volunteers will also be there to point you in the right direction.

Am I covered by insurance for participating in this event?
All Centaur Outdoor Events are covered by a Public Liability Insurance policy, specifically for each event.
We recommend that you have a Personal Accident Insurance policy in place prior to the event, as Public Liability Insurance does not cover personal illness or accidents.

Are there any safety officers on the course?
Yes, sure are! We will have medical support staff all with first aid qualifications, plus a tonne of happy and enthusiastic volunteers!

What happens if a participant gets injured?
If you or another participant get seriously injured and require medical attention, please stay calm and wait until a Volunteer or Safety Officer arrives to assist you.

What will I need to bring?
- Photo ID
- Printed copy of your registration
- Proof of receipt if you purchase a T-Shirt
- Sunscreen
- A dry change of clothing and footwear
- Shower items, such as a towel and toiletries etc.
- A cap or hat could be a good idea
- An attitude to get it done and have fun!

Are there any prizes awarded?
This event is a challenge not a race. All participants are winners here!
You may want to challenge fellow workmates, a certain individual or team for bragging rights, but that’s up to you! 
You will get a Suck It Up Buttercup Finishers medal on completion of the course!

Can people come and support me?

Yes, of course! Encourage all friends, relatives and co-workers to come along on the day and cheer you over the line.
There will be plenty of places around the course to watch, and some ‘funtastic’ activities for everyone to get involved.

Where can I park my vehicle?
Parking will cost $5 per vehicle, and is payable by CASH ONLY on entry to the venue – please have the correct amount ready so as not to cause undue delays to the traffic coming in behind you. Volunteers will direct all vehicles to the parking area. Once your car is parked you will be given a sticker to place on your front windscreen to identify you have paid. Vehicles leaving the venue must not exceed 10km as there will be people still competing, be patient please!

Is there accommodation available?

There is no accommodation available at the Bago Vineyards, however, you might like to stay at either Port Macquarie or Wauchope and make a weekend of it!

Are there any showers after the event?
You bet! We wouldn’t let you go home looking like that! We will have a wash-down area waiting just for you.

Is there somewhere I can put my belongings?
There will be no bag drop at this venue – your vehicle will be very close to the course, so we recommend that you keep most of your belongings locked in your vehicle.
We will, however, have an envelope drop area. You will be able to seal your Drivers Licence and car keys in an envelope, and provide a password to enable you to collect it at the end of the day. All care will be taken, but no responsibility will be accepted for lost personal items.

Is there mobile phone reception?
There sure will! But we don’t recommend taking your phone on course unless you carry it in a zip lok bag… again, all care will be taken, but no responsibility will be accepted for lost personal items.

Will the event still go ahead if it’s raining?
Are you kidding? The wetter the better! Mud… glorious mud!
If the weather conditions get so bad that the participants, volunteers, spectators or anybody else involved on the day may be at risk, then the event will be cancelled. See event policy for details.

Is there food and drinks to purchase?
Bago Vineyards will have tea and coffee, as well as ice-blocks for sale, and they will also be bringing in a mobile food van. It is always a good idea to bring along your own snacks and supplies, though. PLEASE NOTE that Bago Vineyards does not have EFTPOS facilities – CASH ONLY please.

Are there an ATM machines?